Against all Odds: Chapter 1

In a small town in South India, within a traditional family setting, a child was conceived – me. My existence from the very beginning was marked by adversity. My mother, facing immense pressure and a lack of support, considered terminating the pregnancy up until I was five months along. However, fate had other plans, and the doctors eventually informed her that it was too late for an abortion. And so, I came into this world, a symbol of survival against the odds.

My father, a figure whose approval seemed eternally out of reach, harbored little affection for my mother or me. In our household, like in many traditional South Indian families of that time, the dynamics were complex and often painful. My mother, a gentle soul, endured a life of hardship. Financially and emotionally strained, she was subjected to mistreatment and could hardly ever voice her opinions or defend herself against my father’s disapproval.

These early years shaped my understanding of resilience and struggle. They taught me about the complexities of family, the nuances of human relationships, and the unspoken endurance of a mother. As I grew, these experiences became the foundation of my character, teaching me lessons about life that many never have to learn.