If there are song lovers who loves music as much as I do… you can share your thoughts here. Request for your favorite song lyrics if you don’t find it over the net, or translations. I will do my best to give it a shot. I would love to do it also…

I am basically a bathroom singer. Twice I tried to sing in my college competitions but flunked badly both the times. Later this office as offered me some good chances to sing on stage. And both the times I have got good appreciation. May be I have learnt few nuiances in these years that has helped me perform. But music is a huge ocean… And I am always inspired by its soothing.

You know what I have never flunked in listening to music over the years. When I was young I cannot to listen to too much of music. Being brought up from a orthodox family yes we have restrictions even in listening to music. But after college days… my freedom to listening to music just sprang… I rarely listen to fast numbers… but eventually get back to melodies… fast melodies to put it sweet catchy groovy beats. And if the lyrics are good thats it… you cannot I would listen to such songs over and over again. Some times a thousand times repeatedly… 🙂

Some of such songs include…
Sollathan ninaikurean…
aavaram poovukkum and recently ussure pogudhu

Love to hear to catchy melodies in any language. My favorite singers are in tamil
Harish Raghavendra
I find uniqueness and love in their voices…

in English,
Bryan Adams
Celine Dion
Shania Twain
Mariah Carey
George Micheal
Peter Andre (more for his looks than his singing)
Richard Marx
Micheal Bolton
Marc Anthony
and many more….

in hindi
I haven’t been mesmerized by any one else voice as I have been to his