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ARR just swept two Oscars.

ARR just swept two Oscars.

What a legendary day for India. ARR wins both the OSCARS for which he was nominated.

He first won the Oscar for Best Orginal Score of Music. These are the exact few words that he mentioned.

This is the second time I am so excited and terrified after my marriage.

I would like to say a dialogue from Hindi “Mere saath Ma hai”. I always have my mother’s blessing with me.

And said a dialogue from Tamil “Ella pugalum iraivanukke”… I really started getting goosebumps, because its our language taken to the world standards.

Then he performed two songs from Slumdog Millionaire “Jai Ho” and “O Saya” with 20+ dancers dressed Indian like, with our legend performing in the middle of them. What a lovely day to start with.

Hats off to A.R. Rehman.

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2 responses to “ARR just swept two Oscars.”

  1. gowri Avatar

    I think its great time for all Indian’s,jai ho….

  2. Arun Prasad Avatar

    Ya Really a Great news to cheer… But unfortunately i missed to see it in live….:-> I’m in office…

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