The ant and the grasshopper – with a twist

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There are a lot of revised versions since today from the original Aesop fables – The Ant and the grasshopper. Though I don’t remember the author, this is my most favourite lesson in prose in my 10th standard.

The story starts with a briefing of the original story of the ant and the grasshopper. Then it tells about the story of two brothers relative to the ant and the grass hopper story.

The younger brother being the black sheep of the family, while the elder brother being the most dedicated and hard working. He is in a Government Job with a decent salary with which he can manage the family. The younger brother is the lazy pig. But he had a charm to melt peoples heart and get money from them or make them fund him for all his needs.

Inspite of the elder brother warning him several times, he goes around hanging this way. Finally the elder brother retires builds a small house outside the city and lives happily with his family with the small pension amount he gets. Thats not all our villian gets a double happiness, when he marries a wealthy elderly widower in thought of acquiring her yacth and her huge posssession. Guess what, as destined the younger brother’s wife dies after a few days they got married. And he enjoys all the riches.

The ant and the grass hopper

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