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Highest Position of the World

Highest Position of the World

Do you know who is


sitting  at

The Highest Position of the

World ?!

U.S  President , George Bush   ?


Osama Bin Laden  ?


UN General Secretary  ?


Pope Benedict  ?


I Will Tell You

But Please





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4 responses to “Highest Position of the World”

  1. Jinu Avatar

    Someone on the top of burj dubai? Now thats the tallest building na?

  2. Lara Avatar

    Yeah, I was about to add the picture and you answered it.

  3. Arooon Avatar

    Good Joke… But that last photo is not so clear to see. I ll give you only 4 star for this our of 5….LOL

  4. lara Avatar

    I think u should take some time to clik on the photo and see the full size of it.

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