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I miss my dear India

I miss my dear India


I miss my mom. The warmth of chennai. My mother’s unconditional love, brother’s office, temples, mom’s Thiruvasagam chanting every morning.

Games at office, I at-least had more people around to turn and say hi.

I never knew h1 is a **** life.

I work in a pretty small company here… no one around to say hi except my boss and his sister. I am very happy even though they don’t worship Shiva we have two Shiva statues in the entrance, it gives me immense happiness to see a representation of India every morning.

A huge comfort to me.

I sit alone the whole day. I wanted to experience new opportunities… but my boss threatened to revoke my visa… I have quite some debt to repay him… so I am not going to flee as well.

I really liked this guy’s blog:
Seven reasons it sucks being an immigrant in United States

My children miss their grandparents.

I seriously don’t understand what was I thinking when I was in the process of getting my visa. I was so excited about coming to US… now I couldn’t even reason out what the heck I am doing.

I have been testing and re-coding this form

For over 4 months now… My god I have been in IT and coding web development and Lotus notes for 11 years and now I am stuck with this form…

CSS changes, validation changes, each time the form had to work simpler without changing a lot of things in the old crappy 2000′s coding styles.

What I earn is not enough to run the family, educate kids, pay rent, repay debts but I have to pay Government 20% of my salary as tax no questions asked. I can claim this tax at the end of the year… the Government may consider to repay some of it… but it is quite a slow process I guess, I haven’t done this yet.

I want to say more… but what if my employer reads this…

Last not the least no one is to blame I wanted to come to US. I wanted the visa desperately. I pushed my family to come here along with me… It’s all on me and just me

Coming from a middle class family making money is important for living but the price I pay for it is …. I don’t know what all I have to lose more.


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