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Alvin and the Chipmunks – Such adorable movie

Alvin and the Chipmunks – Such adorable movie

I have watching this “Alvin and the chipmunks” absolutely I am going to give all the best adjectives I know to describe it. Amazing, astounding, remarkable, incredible, wonderful, fantastic, and finally out of this world. I just loved the movie. Never mind I actually didn’t know those many adjectives it’s with the help of Microsoft word.

The best scenes I loved:

Theodore, when he asks to sleep with Dave, because he had a bad night mare and was scared, finally gets to sleep on his face when they wake up next morning, though Dave clearly says that his side of bed is nowhere near him.
When they go to the shopping mall and a kid starts throwing things on Dave, Dave thinks its Alvin and he starts to warn. But when our three heroes’ points out the kid, he smilingly tells the lady children are like that. She is surprised and asks if he asks kids.
He replies “Yes! Three boys, sometimes when they are naughty I feel like putting them all in a box with holes and put them right in the middle of the forest and runaway”. On hearing this lady is literally scared and runs off.
When Dave accidently steps on a few pieces of bread hidden under the carpet, looks at them and the three innocently answers, that they are just saving it for winter.
In the last scene when Dave chases the recoding manager to rescue the chipmunks who are caged, and when he is speeding hard, he finds the three of them are actually in his car. They coolly answer “We are talking chipmunks and we know how to get out of cage”.
The following scene where they all confess that they love each other missed each other and hugs, except Alvin. Who is the most intelligent and is not willing to open up. When they start to ignore, he jumps into a downpour of words ending with “I love you”.

I have been laughing and adoring the three characters Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. Of course Theodore is my favorite,

Theodore, my adorable chipmunk.

 Isn’t he lovely? Movie was full of fun; the right word would be adorable. The story is very simple; it’s about three chipmunks, who accidently miss their home at the forest and come to city. They find a new human father (Dave). At first Dave musical career is not sprouting, the recording studio manager feels that no one will sing the songs that he has written and he has to find someone to sing his rather boring songs. When he leaves the studio with frustration, the chipmunks (Alvin, Simon and Theodore) jump into the cookies basket that he is carrying home. This is how they get to come to Dave’s house.

Night falls and it’s a down pour outside. The chipmunks stand by his window and start singing a song, Dave immediately decides that the chipmunks are going to sing the songs that he had written.
He calls them back inside and they make a deal that if they sing Dave’s songs they get to stay with Dave at home.
But things turn out bad when the our three heroes fail to sing in front of the studio manager, and makes a fool of Dave in front of everyone who makes them believe that chipmunks could actually speak or sing. It was not intentional but they were just scared.
The same morning, He loses his career when the three heroes show their drawing skills in Dave’s presentation charts, in the mean time the whole house turn out to be a mess by the time Dave gets back home.
That night because of our heroes, he is made a fool of in front of his soul mate. Dave is tremendously angry and goes to sleep yelling at all the three of them. Then whole story goes really fast, our heroes (Alvin, Simon and Theodore) try to make up for the entire fault and goes to the recording manager, and sings the songs. They become pop stars over night. Money and popularity makes them forget their Dad, and when they face hard ships they realize their mistake and they are back again as one family.

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  1. rids Avatar

    shall see that n comment how it is…

  2. Emma Avatar

    Hahah i love that movie! It was so funny! and i loved the singing!

  3. belinda Avatar

    i love theodore

  4. threza Avatar

    The movie seemed interesting at the beginning, but later I could easily find whats the rest of the movie is all about and what going to happen next!… a whole it was a fun when I watched it with my brother.

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