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Celebrating first birthday party

Celebrating first birthday party

It was an invigorating experience. This was the first party to be arranged as a grown up, my daughter’s first birthday party. Never organized anything single handed.
And what you think I did anything I will tell you what my contribution…was
Bought a angelic costume for my baby. Yes it was a last minute purchase but it turned out to be good.
And for myself I bought a designer’s collection salwar with a matching earring and a matching pair of footwear.

I had enough time to get ready, as M got tired and dozed off right at the time of the party. We were supposed to be at the hall at 6:00, but we were at 7:45. I didn’t want to wake her up in the middle of her sleep, or else the whole party will become a dull thing for her. She needed the required rest to manage the huge crowd she was about to experience in the first place.

🙂 The entire party pact was the sole contribution of my hubby and his friends. Even when I asked him to share the chores so that I can help, he refused. He prearranged the food both Veg / Non-Veg, The decorations for the party hall, a booze party, the birthday cake, catering services, name it and he had done it. DJ from Le meridian Hotel blasted the party hall with his foot tapping song collection.

All my colleagues, friends and relatives poured in to bless our daughter. Everyone enjoyed the food, the booze and dance went on till Midnight. The party hall was excellent. It turned out to be a great success. For all the hard work my Hubby had put in for his daughter the fruits were reaped… We had nearly 275+ guests. And we expected only 100+.

She received a lot of gifts, toys, dresses… and one unique gift was a portrait of herself from one of my hubby’s friend.
That’s true a hand drawn portrait of M… wow a gift that she can cherish for her lifetime.

First birthday celebration invitation
First birthday celebration invitation

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  1. Parthiban Avatar

    But you forgot to even invite me 🙁

  2. rids Avatar

    hello mam though am too late my sweet n best belated wishes to your baby…..

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