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Good time to start again

Good time to start again

CoronaVirus Pandemic

Its a good time to start my blog again, With the corona virus pandemic announced, we have 10 cases tested for +ve leading our oakland county and Wayne county all schools K-12 closed until April 13th, this includes the Troy Community Center and all its classes that we use to spend our every day life. Hope things change soon. Prayers to all the affected and speedy recovery.

Here is the official link,

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2 responses to “Good time to start again”

  1. Ela Avatar

    This is so history, I dont have the courage to socialize with your life at stake.

    1. Lara Medha Avatar
      Lara Medha

      That is true so history, when I posted this, from where we were just few months ago to where we are now. It is crazy.

      Yayyyy 2020!!! will you ever forget 🙂

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