Gruntz – what a lovely light hearted game

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What a lovely game. My brother and I used to play it when we were young, that is when we got our first computer at home. That was quite some time. We were so excited about computer and especially Internet.

Our hobby was to download some trial game and play it. And we came across this GRUNTZ game. It was only a trial version, we have been just enjoying, it was super cool. It was a game filled with puzzles and stategy. Each lever our goal was to retrieve the pieces of a warp stone.

 Warp stone from Gruntz game

Gruntz are small unshaped funny figures, like these:Gruntz Warriors

. The brownies are the good ones and other colored gruntz usually are the bad guys.

You have instructions all around to help you understand when we come across something new, like a book with exclamatory rotating. Most of the time the intructions are hilarious apart from being informative. Gruntz  Instructions Icon

You get to use some supercool toolz, toys and my favourite are (wingz, boomerang, magic spell).

Few suprises that I enjoyed, one of them is the spot light. You have a light rotating above you. If the light spots you, it will ask you to sing, and when it finds out you cannot sing it opens a hole beneath you and you get to die. Check out here a Gruntz being spotted by a spot light.
Gruntz  Instructions Icon

And the other surprise is the time bombz… The first time when we had this in the game the instructions read “Be careful while breaking tiles. Watch out for timebombz. What do you do? RUN!!!” 🙂 I just enjoyed it.

Sometimes I get started when I see Zap Cola (gives you strength when you drink it), because both time bombz and zap colas are of the same red and black color. My instinct says run when I see the combination of those colors. 🙂 After running a while I realize its not the time bomb its just a zap cola.

The best part is I am yet to complete this game.


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    lol.. Sounds like an interesting one… shall try it sometime 😉

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