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yesterday i was happy browsing and reading a lot of mom blogs, after turning to be a new mother,.. I was always intrigued to find out what other mom have in their heads with all the extra responsibilities piled up…

I was happy to read Confessions of a working mom, and was actually enjoying a few blog of hers. I today I end up with a discussion “Should Moms Blog About Their Kids?”

Now I am creeped out. What would my daughter say. I was very choosy even when I was selecting a name for her.

After some time I didnt want to end up my daughter abusing me for a stupid name I selected her… You definitely find it embarassing when the person who loved you the most when she is young turns out to be your hardest critic.

Well that wont stop me from blogging… Its only a discussion on should mommy blog about their kids and its after all not about “Should Moms blog?” 🙂

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