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Scam Scam Scam Every where!!!

Scam Scam Scam Every where!!!

I am extremely worried about people who fall as prey for such scammers.

My.Great Scammer from LORDLOW MACPHERSON []

   I have decided to let you know my intention as regard Relocating to your Country.I am 28yrs old,the son to late Engr.Johnson Lordlow of Liberia.I am well known to some of the citizen of Liberia based here and thats why I have decided not to stay permanently in London.

My late father Deposited the sum of 29 Million USD and 30 Kilograms of Gold in a Security Vault in my name right here in London.I will need your assistance to move this fund out of here,secure permanent stay for me in your Country and as well Invest the money into a Profitable Investment .I do hope by the grace of God,you will not hesitate to assist me.

Attached herewith is a Copy of the Certificate of Deposit regarding the Money and the Gold.You can reach me via telephone number

+447031938768.Awaiting your urgent reply.



Michael M. Lordlow.


Another one here:


<>      United Nations Head Office At Geneva

                Millennium Developments Goal Unit.

                Palais des Nations, 1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland .



Congratulations!!! You have been selected as a beneficiary to United Nations Millennium  Development Goal( MDGs )Global Fund during the recent Summit at Geneva. The beneficiaries to this fund are carefully selected at every summit and a total sum of $550,000.00USD is disbursed to them to engage in meaningful projects that will better their life, eradication of poverty and that of their communities.


To ensure a hitch free transfer of the funds to the beneficiaries a Board of Trustees to the Fund was appointed and you are to contact a Co-Secretary to the Board Mr Alberic Kacou. He is directed to ensure that your 550,000.00 USD is transferred to you as soon as possible and kindly contact him on….


Contact Person: Alberic Kacou

Position: Co-Secretary to the Board

PHONE: 00447011136000

E-mail: <>


Once again, on behalf of United Nations Millennium Development Goal( MDGs )Global Fund, accept our congratulations.






Kemal Dervis

Manager UN Development Programme UNDP


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    me too fed up with such mails. Smetimes I reply ” my uncle is staying very next to address you have mentioned. please give that cash to him” or “better i will give you details of an orphanage. I like to donate the prize money to them”. RBI is going to take action against future victims (i mean it. not against the spammer) of financial spams. So be careful

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