3 law students seriously injured.

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Just witnessed the most heart bleeding video. Three law students were severely injured, by co-students in a clash. One student managed to get out of the gate. But was caught right there, and was repeatedly hit by other students using sticks and clubs. Even after the guy fainted he was repeatedly hit by other student after student,  watching a live video of this was nealy a holocaust experience.

Worst of it was the whole scene was captured by the media, and there were numerous police men, just turned out to be mere spectators, not sure if they were out numbered or any other reason, that they could not save a human being ransacked right in front of their eyes.

It seems that the law management anticipated a commotion between two parties of students due to election problems. But they had not taken any precautionary measures.

They are our future generation. They are suppose to think and act really wise. Or atleast use some common sense. 

Even when the whole world is out, lending one’s arm to support a fellow human being, will make us all survive. That is our sole purpose to be bought in to this universe.

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