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Note to ICICI Customers from ICICI

Note to ICICI Customers from ICICI


Dear Customer,

We are aware that you are being misled by numerous malicious and
baseless rumors. Many of these are via SMSes. Many of our customers
have written in to us expressing solidarity and confidence in our
relationship, and have mentioned they have dismissed these rumors, for
which we are grateful. Still we know that these rumors may cause you
distress and doubts. You are our valued customer and we would not like
you to have any of these feelings. So we have now chosen to write to
you directly to allay your concerns if any.

You would have seen the categorical endorsement of the soundness of
Indian banking as well as ICICI Bank’s sound financial health from the
RBI and the Finance Minister. You would have also read about the
unequivocal certificate of confidence reposed on us by S&P an
independent rating agency of repute. We have categorically and in a
transparent manner disclosed that

-We have ZERO exposure, directly or indirectly, to US sub-prime

-We have 150% more capital than what Banks are required to have, and we
 are one of the highest capitalized banks in the country

-We have a AAA rating

-We have sound liquidity to meet your needs whenever you need and in
 what ever amounts you may need

Your bank has grown and achieved its status of pre-eminence due to the
patronage and trust you have reposed thus far in us. We have made many
an Indian smile with a house, car and every banking need dreamed of by
Indians. I am sure nothing factually or otherwise has changed in our
relationship that we should let baseless rumors cast doubts in your
mind. We once again want to reaffirm to you that the bank you have
built and assisted to grow to pre-eminence will be with you day and
night. We take pride in serving you and being the bank of your first

We desire and request the continuance of your unwavering trust and
relationship. We promise to you that not only your deposits but all
your interests are safe and secure with us. In case you need to reach
us, kindly write to us at


V. Vaidyanathan
Executive Director
ICICI Bank Ltd

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