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WTF!!! Did I write this post Was it me?, I am still not a kiddo to write such silly things, it was just one of my blue days. After sometime I was able to convince myself. I am mother of 2, I have more responsibilities to keep up, rather to worry on such silly yet sweet nothings.

As Robert Frost quotes poetically pooled with philosophy.

The woods are lovely dark and deep
but I have promises to keep
and miles to go!
And miles to go before I sleep!

One question that we always had in general during this year of academics was “What is the real meaning of using “Miles to go” twice. One is the actual distance that a traveler had to cover to reach his garage while admiring the beauty. And the other distance is the responsibilities that he has to complete before he dies (reaches his grave).

Every moment of my life is surrounded with such philosophy. I cant get involved with one particular beauty. I have two children who are so much fun to be with. They are very addictive… but I have a job to get going. I love watching movies… but I need to sleep to go on with the following day.

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