“If Tomorrow Comes” by Sidney Sheldon – A Gripping Introduction to English Novels

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“If Tomorrow Comes” by Sidney Sheldon – A Gripping Introduction to English Novels

“If Tomorrow Comes” by Sidney Sheldon – A Gripping Introduction to English Novels

Discovering Sidney Sheldon’s “If Tomorrow Comes” during my college days was like stumbling upon a treasure trove in a language not native to me, Tamil. This book wasn’t just a story; it was my gateway into the vast, intricate world of English literature, and what a splendid introduction it was! Here’s a heartfelt look back at this thrilling novel, which managed to captivate a Tamil-speaking college student with its compelling narrative and accessible language.

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The Story That Enthralled Me

“If Tomorrow Comes,” one of Sidney Sheldon’s masterpieces, introduces us to Tracy Whitney, a young, vibrant woman whose life takes a dramatic turn from being a bank computer operator to becoming entangled in a web of deceit, vengeance, and, surprisingly, justice. Wrongly accused and sent to prison for a crime she didn’t commit, Tracy’s journey of transformation into a sophisticated con artist is not just about revenge; it’s a quest for survival and justice in a world that has turned its back on her.


Why It Gripped Me

For someone whose first language is Tamil, Sheldon’s narrative was refreshingly straightforward yet vividly descriptive, making it an easy grasp for a non-native English speaker. The plot twists were unpredictable, ensuring that the suspense never waned. Each chapter ended on a note that compelled me to turn the page, eager to discover Tracy’s fate. It was a novel that kept me up at night, not just trying to piece together the story’s next turn, but also marveling at how seamlessly I was able to navigate through a language that was once foreign to me.

The Characters That Resonated

Tracy Whitney is a character that resonates deeply, not just for her intelligence and strength but for her resilience in the face of adversity. Her transformation is inspiring, reflecting the idea that one can rise above circumstances, no matter how dire. The supporting characters, too, are well-crafted, from the charming con artist Jeff Stevens to the antagonists who you love to hate. Sheldon’s ability to create multi-dimensional characters adds depth to the narrative, making the story relatable and the characters memorable.


The Personal Touch

Reading “If Tomorrow Comes” was more than just an exercise in improving my English; it was an adventure. It taught me that stories have the power to transcend language barriers, pulling you into worlds crafted out of sheer imagination. Sidney Sheldon’s storytelling prowess was my first, thrilling foray into a genre that I would grow to love deeply – the thriller. This book holds a special place on my shelf, not just for its content, but for marking the beginning of my journey with English novels.

Final Thoughts

“If Tomorrow Comes” is more than just a thriller; it’s a testament to the human spirit’s resilience. For anyone looking for a gripping read that combines clever plot twists with a powerful narrative, this book is a must-read. And for those like me, venturing into English literature, Sidney Sheldon’s masterpiece proves that language is no barrier when it comes to a story well told. It’s a novel that promises and delivers an escape into a world where tomorrow always holds the promise of justice, love, and adventure.

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