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Last week, while randomly browsing Amazon, I stumbled into the world of books and realized how much I’ve missed reading. Despite it being the end of the month and funds being tight, I couldn’t resist; I borrowed some money from my boss and, with the help of my colleague Meenakshi, braved the heavy rain to find a good bookstore. I had a few authors in mind: Robin Cook, Frederick Forsyth, Danielle Steel, and especially Clive Cussler, whose archaeology-driven novels have sparked a new interest in me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any of Cussler’s books, but the shopkeeper, Rafi, was kind enough to offer his contact for future requests.

After some thought, I picked up a mix that promised a rich blend of fiction, sci-fi, and fantasy:

  • Robin Cook’s “Foreign Body” and “Vector”
  • Frederick Forsyth’s “The Negotiator” and “The Odessa File”
  • Stephen King’s “The Eyes of the Dragon”

Each book felt like a gateway to the adventures I craved, perfectly matching my love for fiction, sci-fi, and fantasy.

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