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Our 3rd annual day celebrations at our office named Genie 2010 was a grand success, starting from practice sessions to distribution of prizes and trophies to all the winners, who won over nearly 46 events (Sports and Quiz)

Divided by teams and united by one spirit and that is to “WIN WIN WIN”
We started our program @ 5:00 P.M in the most unannounced manner. Why do I say so?
That’s because even the camera men didn’t knew that we have started… I could see from the second row the silent conversation between both the camera men and lighting men eying each other quizzically whether they should start operating the equipments.
Why they were quizzical?
The rehearsals just got over. The banner was still being tied at the background. In the mean time our boss went backstage got changed and started the speech.
That’s our boss. He operates by the only rule of “No RULES”…
I was a little sad the whole day because I couldn’t participate much as I did last year… the only reason being I recently delivered a baby… and have not yet shed the extra tummy fat and pounds that I had gained… That’s a huge story will blog about it in another post.
We had a lot of dances… that’s basically our boss is a dancer / choreographer and it really portrayed well in the stage.
A lot of performances looked more amateur. There are a ton of reasons for that. But its ok…
a) We have very few talented performers… they are all good at technology and computers and if you ask them to dance or sing… you will know what to expect.
b) So to fill the stage as well as give opportunity to the fascinated souls we had to train a few non-professionals.
Overall it was all fun. We have reduced the mistakes and have committed a few new ones but have learned.
The longest running show was a RECAP of GENIE 2008 and Genie 2009, it went on for nearly 2 hours. Then came the current year’s new programs.
My most fav was the Samba and Brazilian dance performed by Vijay and followed by a few other dancers.
I contributed as fillers with a couple of singing.
The most interactive and attention-grabbing event were the audience events.

We had games like
Boys Vs Girls
In Boys Vs Girls 5 of each sect was selected and was asked to perform a set of tasks like:
Singing, Dancing, Getting a few objects. Boys took a lead and won cash Prize of Rs. 500/- each.
KBH – Kaun Banega Hazarpathi.
We had developed a software using JQUERY and PHP very similar to who wants to be a millionaire US version / Kaun Banega Crorepathi (Indian version). It was again a hit.
Because of the audience events we were unable to organize a couple of events that were practiced. Overall it was a satisfying experience and we all left with contented heart.

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