A fish was sold for $180,000

A fish was sold for $180,000

Me: What are you kidding me… you are telling me a fish was sold for $180,000 dollars. Give me a break.
Buddy: Yes! Even I feel funny about these crazy people
Me: And who bought it for that amount of money.
Buddy: Some hotel in Japan
Me: What are you kidding me, how are they going to make profit out of it.
How long can you store / freeze that fish?
If I have to make profit out of it I will have to server the fish in grams or milligrams.

Crazy people, what all can your gluttony can cost you and the world. It seems they are now listed in the endangered species. And do you really want to eat that fish..

I am not lying or making it up. Find out for your self.
Northern bluefin tuna
Tuna hits highest price in nine years at Tokyo auction

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