The Holocaust – Deliberate Extermination programme

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Though I don’t have much courage to talk about such things. I couldnt stop my self writing about it also. Holocaust otherwise termed as Genocide, is mass murder campaigns with an intention to abolish a sect or tribal/public/spiritual group.

“Final Solution of the Jewish Question”
Is what the Nazi’s termed for their quest. During World war II, around 9 to 10 million Jews were killed by the Nazi’s. The first to die where the youngest, eldest and the sickest. They were dumped into huge pits and were buried or burnt, irrespective of whether they are alive or dead. Thousands of Jews were taken to concentration camps and were killed in various ways.

a) Locked down in Gas chambers and were let to die.
b) Used for failed medical experimentations
c) Random killing (Its believed that cops would bet with each other to find out who could kill the most number of jews)
d) Left to starve.

Before World War II the estimated population of Jews were 9 Million and after World war II there was a tragic dminition with only 2.5 million people left.
Each time I read about Holocausts in the internet, my hands start trembling and tears start tearing down. War could do even worse effects, and leave an unimaginable scar on our lives.

Apart from the natural disasters that would lead us to the end of days. War is another major disaster that is predicted to lead us to the Doomsday.

One Happy life. lets live and let others live.

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