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What is Doomsday 2012

What is Doomsday 2012

It is believed by most of us that the World would end on December 21st 2012. We call this as the Doomsday or the End of Days. It is predicted in the Mayan calendar. Mayan Civilation are obsessed with time and are very particular about it. They have a precisely marked calendar which could and has predicted solar eclipses thousands of year in the future. Still today Mayan calendar is considered to be the most accurate or all ancient times. Yet the mayan calendar ends on one particular day which is December 21st 2012. There are many other predictions on this Doomsday. They say that there will be earth quakes shattering the world, will be huge waves that would devour the coastal areas, huge balls of fire would come racing towards earth. Atleast half of the would be banished.

We are facing a lot of this crisis already. We see a constant change in climatic conditions of the world due to Global warming. Our natural resources are dwindling.

Yet time is the only answer to the End of Days. Whether it will be really a Doomsday or we still get to live.

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65 responses to “What is Doomsday 2012”

  1. alfondo Avatar

    this is cool

  2. vickamama Avatar

    The end of A world, perhaps, not the end of THE world.

  3. lara Avatar

    You are a believer that other world exists?

  4. James Avatar

    What an idiotic forecast! Didn’t they say that the mayan calendar ended in 2008, 2006, 2000, 1995, 1983, 1979, 1966, 1954 and 1829? It just won’t happen, so I’m not bothered! How could it just end like that? IMPOSSIBLE!

  5. lara Avatar

    At first I thought it is a good comment and that some one has taken some time out to comment on my blog. But now I realize that this James guy is a spammer, he is spamming the comments to my blog. First he tested whether I am approving it, and now he goes on and on. You are now in my spammers list buddy.

  6. innocent Avatar

    am 100 sure that it is not going to end, i will be completing my undrgradute then an d be having fun with my girlfriend. we will then get married afterwards in 2021. for those whobn think doomsday Aahahhahhahahaha !!!!!!!!!!!! go to hell

  7. Jins Avatar

    I would say, I am so lucky to witness it. Sorry Grandpa :((

  8. dr. phil Avatar
    dr. phil

    Oh f_ _ _ Oh f _ _ _ Oh f _ _ _ are you shur? ? ? ? ? ? Dose Murry know?

    1. lara Avatar

      By the way who is Murry… and its not what I say but its what the prediction says

  9. NAEYUPP Avatar


    1. lara Avatar

      I am not a believer of both. I am simply a admirer of both

  10. Nivetha Avatar

    No words to say

  11. Lonna Avatar

    This is stupid… they also said that the world would end in 1999 because the “999” in 1999 is “666” upside down and “666” is the devil’s number. They said that the world would end in 2000 because it was a new millenium. They said the world would end a bunch of times. Has the world ever ended yet? No. Are we still here? Yes. I don’t think that 2012 will be the end of the world. Every time they think it’s the end of the world they always use different excuses. Notice the word “excuses”.

  12. savana Avatar

    like she said,do u believe a calender or god??only god says when.not people.but u can believe what ever u want: ]

  13. alisha Avatar

    this is not true god knows sintests are dum

  14. Oviya Avatar

    Dear lara,

    I saw ur site.really u seems to be interesting and positive.

    U sounds good.Nice to see ur site!!!!

  15. Doomsday Avatar

    God has the say so on when earth ends

  16. toby Avatar

    I don’t believe this. Just look at what was predicted for 2000 year. Nothing has happened and we are still here!! :))

    Best, Tobias from car shipping

  17. traillane Avatar


  18. Jerry otabor omorodion Avatar
    Jerry otabor omorodion

    The world could come to an end any time,coz b4 jesus left 4 heaven he told his disciples which is we all dat he his going to heaven to prepare a place 4 us in heaven dat he is going to come back,but when the disciples asked him when he his coming back he said to them occupy me ,do my work and continue till i come back ,he his going to come like a thief in the night dont say what u dont know dat the world will end by december 21,2012.maybe its will even end b4 then.

  19. jeyganesh Avatar

    Machi! oru ‘quator’ sollan….

  20. Ariana Garcia Avatar

    The world is not going to end because it was soupposed to end in 2000 but it never did and now the stupid scientist said now 2012 just because of a stupid mayan calander its just a calander and what is a calander soupposed to mean about the world….ANYWAYS if the world still ends it just ends….

  21. nhel Avatar

    first of all i want to say thanks and im pleasure to be as part or an element of our planet earth….simply we are lucky to be as a human being….everybody knows that gods created everything both living and non living things and we belong to living things, which has a higher capability
    or may i say the best among the created living things by GOD….it was a very long statement but i want to bare it on our mind that we need to look back where we came from and what is the truth history of our creation… short no one knows except GOD…no one above us except GOD,…it means we dont need to focus on some negative aspect that may o migth happpend to us…instead we need to do everything we can as long as it is in GODs will….no one knows the end of every individuals….yes i respects those individual opinions because thats one of our assets as a human being to use our mind to think….but we should use it in a positive way as much as possible so that the remaining time we spenting here in our eath will become meaningful and great……thats GOD want us to be……..GOD BLESS to all of you…

  22. Jennifer♥♥ Avatar

    in my mind.,.,.this is not true.,.,

  23. sazz Avatar

    What d hell, how would the world end jst like this

  24. Valerie Avatar

    Only God knows!! He will come like a thief in the night. If you have God before you, Jesus beside you, the holy ghost within you and angels surrounding you… What have you got to fear? GOD IS GREAT!!

  25. Rashmita Avatar

    According to Shrimadbhagvatgita , The world is not going to end. B,cos kaliyug still running & also running in further long time. So i dont’t believe this stupid mayan calender. So don’t take any tension & enjoying the life with full of joyous.

  26. Key Avatar

    No one knows the day or time!!! when the world will end!!! only God knows…..

  27. Poppy Avatar

    A guy came into my school and said the world will end in billions of years.?

  28. rvs chihangam Avatar
    rvs chihangam

    its not us who to decide when we will die? its God! so, we must not fear or be worried about when our lives will be taken…..if we live a good life! we can hope that God will provide and protect until that very day…..

  29. ava Avatar

    I think it would be cool the world came to an end there are people killing people murders free burgers and such bad things in this world. I would still a hummer, and save as many people as I could… but the truth of the matter is god only knows! I would you do if you knew the world was about to end?

  30. charu Avatar

    i believe in this and even scared!!!!!!!.whether the world is ending or not the only one thing i can tell is ‘be happy till u die’.

  31. victoria Avatar


  32. beeliever of god Avatar

    i honestly dont know if the world will end it could end while we r sleeping but it could happen in lets say 2099 . but u just never know we will know sooner or l8r because god has a plan 4 all of us so u have to b pacient and just c wen it happens.

  33. Crystal Avatar

    The world is constantly trying to instill fear. I feel like it is a merchants attempt to gain more retail sales. Fear could cause a stimulus effect in the economy. Just a thought… I’m a Christian so my faith is in the Lord.

  34. hondayalike it Avatar
    hondayalike it

    how could this possibly happen. The only time the world would “end” is when Jesus returns (the rapture)

  35. Sundus Avatar

    This Mayan calendar does not decide anything! It is Allah who will destroy the earth on his command not some stupid calendar!

  36. rimaz Avatar

    what how on eart cna the world jsu end in the past scientists said it would end in different days did who would believe in a calender nothing special about it

  37. venki Avatar

    poda andavaney namba pakkam erukka…
    HA HA HA…

  38. amidu Avatar

    J think the Mayan people can not decide anything on their on but only god so on that there will be nothing totally

  39. amidu Avatar

    people should not be misled by the Mayan people,they should know that God is one to decide the end of the world.

  40. Weirdweird Avatar

    In my opinion its not going to happen they say and say and say and it never happen we will be here for billons of years dont belive in this crap i would belive in god just like i do

  41. Gladays Avatar

    Really? Since when did the Mayans talk to god. The only person who can talk to god and knows when the world is gonna end is the apostole of god Samuel joaquin Flores. The apostle of god who is from the christian church la Luz del Mundo ( light of the world) la luz del Mundo is the only real church. So please visit or type in google or yahoo or whatever you use la luz del Mundo, if you really want to be saved and not be in pain when the world ends and not rot in hell and if you want to be with god join the church. I’ll be laughing at this when it’s December 24,2012 or when it’s 2013.

  42. prasanna Avatar

    Hai friend, i see your work really you have done a good job. as a matter of fact we don’t want to become a space scientist to understand this matter. even a illiterate people also can understand this. so i am very positive it is certainly going to happen. because we have done so much to our planet in a bad manner. now its our planet’s turn it is going to repay us. so there is nothing more that we can do. Our days are numbered.but if we try together to do something in a good manner perhaps we can extend our day and we can get to live. we have to keep it on our mind in all time that is the CLIMATE IS NOT CHANGING, we have been changing our climate for past 100 years since the beginning of science. IT IS GONNA MAKE A HUGE IMPACT TO EVERY SINGLE PERSON. God be with you my friend. dont take it as a information from the god or nature. it is a caution from the nature.

  43. anshul Avatar

    wellif you bilieve it or not mayan predictions have been true but i still cant bilieve that tthe world is going to an end

  44. anshul Avatar

    and whats that venki saying

  45. manoj Avatar

    man this is not true for proof visit this site guys

  46. Joseph Avatar

    God only knows when the world needs 2 end when people go crazy (currently) but God knows that those who worship him and deserve more time on his creation as long as god jesus and angels are in your mind and your surrondings the world will be lasting as long as gods in your mind

  47. Prajwal Dev Avatar
    Prajwal Dev

    Its gonna end only the condition of the people will remain same but if we’ll work for these natural calamities such as less pollution then we will be able to live more 1000 years from now…….
    Impossible = I’m possible


  48. holly Avatar

    i’m only 11 and i’m not getting freaked out. i hate to swear but this is a load of crap the only reason why they are saying the world is going to end is because of the calendar people who work out the dates of next year and they kept on going until the end of 2011 becuase they couldn’t be bothered finishing the calendar. But here is another thing they said the world was going to end in 1992 or something. don’t worry it’s a load of bull

  49. Shivakumar Avatar

    Whatever we comment its just our thoughts but no one knows what really going to happen… we just need to wait and watch thats it !!!!!!
    Till then have FuN guys, Whozz Father What goes 😛

  50. Raveendran Avatar

    you know everthing should be scientifically proved, perhaps just visit nasa website and read what the learned scientists saying about 2012 dooms day!. Do you mean our earth will end this December 2012, (what about my bank loan…)

  51. someone Avatar

    this is so fucken dume why is this happening is this true or are we going to die or not i hope not we just got a new car

  52. Me Avatar

    I agree with Lonna. And this is totally off topic but is it actually THE Ariana Garcia from Victorious?
    I was born in 1999. This whole world ending stuff is stupid. If the world did end it would be due to ONE HUGE NATURAL DISASTER!! Not waves and earthquakes and all of that stuff. And the whole global warming thing is just well… Global warming! It is just our consequences for not treating the world with respect!
    Totally of topic but has anyone seen the film 2012. Its stupid. They are just following things that stupid bored people write on the internet!

  53. Hiya,itsme!221 Avatar

    Honey, I’m living in 2012 right now.
    I lived through december 21st 2012.
    Case closed.

  54. Hiya,itsme!221 Avatar

    Honey, I’m typing this in 2012.
    I lived through december 21st 2012.
    Case closed.

  55. Mark Avatar

    I beleve some thing is coming We chuse not to think about it i feel its the next step not the end but the begining 😉

  56. Vijay Avatar

    Why don’t you guys believe it… now did you see what happened to the Big Apple… (Hurricane Sandy) and now its happening in Chennai (India, Cyclone Nilam)

  57. niamh Avatar

    I dont know what to believe, I am ment to be doing this for homework and it probaly the most depressing toppic ever.

  58. subbu Avatar

    Hai every one

    It just end of Mayan calender which is designed for 5000 years not the world so relax.

  59. Baba Avatar

    Only god know what will happened . We human has no power even to know if we are going to live another second. What happend to Mayan people? Why they are dying. They should know about their feature all the time. Pray to god every day and ask for is mercy and forgiveness. Whenever you die that’s your doomsday.

  60. Llanah Avatar

    FYI, because of the leap year(2012) the world was suppose to end 7 months ago.

  61. vanshika Avatar

    i dont belive this at all if u guys belive in god dont. belive in this stupid thing

  62. Aussie EJE Avatar
    Aussie EJE

    People in the world, listen, hear,feel,think, if you believe you were created by God in heaven the heavenly father, then you need to believe that nothing will last 4ever on this planet is only God who will END the world, well if this is the end then is what God our father decide, bcoz no one knows neither me, you nor those scientist knows when the world will end. Today Australian prime Minister announced on the net that,” the world will end on the 21st Dec 2012″ YOU see, all the political leaders, who do they believe in God or the Mayan calendar, which was made by human being like you. maybe it might be a minner change in our solar system, well if is not GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU. YOUR FAITH WILL GIVE YOU THE PASSWORD TO INTER THE KINGDOM OF GOD.

  63. sudip Avatar

    21st December 2012, it doesn’t matter weather the world is going to be end, as the end of life is not certain it may be at any second. Instead of spreading those shivering message to people of world,scientist should come up with exact logic that could be positive towards extinction of life forever.

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