Rangoli – SEG 2008 Competition Photos

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We enjoyed the Rangoli event held by SEG @2008 profoundly. This Rangoli event thrived all of SEG’s creative minds to work together with immense effort to score for the first prize. Wow! Office is fun. Never knew a office could exist this way in the past 5 years. That is one major reason why I love my office.
We designed the “Know Aids to Say No to Aids” Rangoli, gained the idea from internet. We were awarded the second place, because we couldn’t answer one of the questions related to our rangoli design. The question was “What is Safe Mands?”, we don’t know the answer till today. If anyone knows please enlighten me. Or we are not sure if we have misspelled the word.
The design that was awarded the first place was “Eco-Friendly, save mother earth”, because their design was equally good and they answered all the questions.
Here is the gallery… Expecting this year’s Rangopli event eagerly as ever.
But at last due to some mis understandings… the event was declared even.. and all of the teams got equal points. 🙁

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    very well and noble thoughts regarding rangolis

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