Grand Master – Shimabukuro Progression of Rank

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He is our grand master shimabukuro.

Grand master Shimabukuro

He has attained all the 10 dans in Black belt.

In our style we the common sequence of ranks that we attain are:

  • White belt – Every one receives this by default. When we are given our uniform we get this along with it.
  • Yello belt – The next level, we are asked to do a katha, and a series of physical tests are conducted before we are awarded this belt.
  • Blue belt – The next level, here we are asked to do three kathas totally, followed by a series of physical tests like, frog jump, duck walk, knuckle pushups.
  • Green Belt – The next level, quite tough. I flunked once in this, I got my grade only in the next level. I flunked in katha.
  • Brown belt – We have totally 4 dans to complete in this level. I passed the 1st level, and due to un evitable reasons I had to discontinue my karate classes there after.
  • Black belt – We have totally 10 dans to complete in this level. It is extremely difficult to attain the 10th level. Even my masters from whom I had training where in the 2nd upto 4th dans. I am not sure about the 3 senior masters we had.
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