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Crazy english – Richard Lederer

Crazy english – Richard Lederer

Crazy english

  1. A waiter: Why do they call those food servers as waiters when it’s the cosumers who do all the waiting.
  2. The movie kept me literally glued to my seat: How can a person be literally glued to his seat? should it not be – the movie kept me figuratively glued to my seat?
  3. A Non-stop flight: Hey! Never get on one of those you will never get down
  4. A Hot water heater: Who heats hot water! ?
  5. A hot cup of coffee: Who cares if the cup is hot? Surely we mean a cup of hot coffee.
  6. Its neither here nor there? Then where is it!!
  7. I will follow you to the ends of the earth: Let the words go to the four corners of the earth that ever since columbus, we have known that the earth doesn’t have any ends!
  8. skinny: If fatty means full of fat, should not skinny mean full of skin.
  9. Put on your shoes and socks This is realy difficult. Most of us put our socks first and then our shoes.
  10. Put your best foot forward: Now let’s see… We have a good foot and a better foot, but we don’t have a third and best foot. Where do we go for this!?
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