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At the beginning with you
At the beginning with you

At the Beginning – Anastacia – by Richard Marx and Donna Lewis ( a few lines I was impressed)

“No one told me I was going to find you, Unexpected what you did to my heart.”
“Nothing’s gonna tear us apart.”

“Careless Whispers” – by George Micheal ( a few lines)
Though its easy to pretend I know you ‘re not a fool
Should have known better than to cheat a friend, Wasted chance that I’ve been given. So I am never gonna dance again the way I danced with you

Time can never mend Careless Whispers of a good friend
There’s no comfort in the truth.

“Tonight the music seems so loud. I wish that we could lose this crowd. May be its better this way we hurt each other with the things we want to say. We could have been so good to gether. We could have built the stands for ever. But Now whose gonna stay.”

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