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After being hit by a deadly disease “Malaria”, I didn’t have any other option than to take complete bed rest. Without that there was no sign of recovery. Sleep was taken away from me as if I enjoyed it too much. The medicinal drugs that I took did not give me enough sleep. I my children had a couple of night stay plays as well.. They couldn’t sleep either.

Ragini MMS: I read the story synopsis, which intrigued me to keep watching the movie, and watching a story-line like that in one of our native language was a gift. Yeah the scariest date horror movie. Ragini and Uday go to a secluded house to enjoy their special weekend date. The rest of the movie with quite few twists and turns kept my daughter and I watch the movie till the last. The movie was half the story line of “The Blair witch Project” and half the story line of “Paranormal activity”.

Don’t be afraid of the Dark: I loved the story line, I liked the creature… Bailee Madison’s acting… the tricks that the creatures play with the gal. “A human life has to be taken. They keep silver coins under your pillow in exchange of a child’s tooth. Later the same life is claimed to keep the ancient creatures living.The lead creature being himself the transformed Lord Blackhood, the previous owner of the Blackhood Manor and whose own son was devoured by the creatures before claiming the life of Lord Blackhood himself. How deceiving the creatures are and the tricks they play to take Sally to the pit to make her one of them.

The reaping: ¬†A former Christian missionary, who specializes in debunking religious phenomena, investigates a small town which seems to be suffering from the 10 biblical plagues. ¬†That was the synopsis that compelled me to watch the movie. I was not aware that even the bible hosted the 10 plagues. First time I learnt about the 10 plagues was in the movie “The Mummy” when the evil mummy is released. Each scene was interesting, the plot was not so precise.

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