Earthquake distinctively felt @ chennai – Thousand lights

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Our office is located at thousand lights Chennai in Pathari Road, and I could feel the tremor distinctively for several minutes. My team member not worrying about the chaos around was asking a doubt on phone. I was taking a mini break and was almost drowsy to answer it.

First I thought the construction project happening in the next building has gone too wild and its time they stop their road leveling machine. Not even a mini break for an IT mam who works so hard is it!!!

Until my hubby called and confirmed about the earth quake.

Now all the mobile networks are going crazy I am not able to call anyone. My mom and children are living quite close to the sea shore @ Triplicane. There is a Tsunami warning in Indian ocean issued.

Truth is I am not worried so much… All Izz Well.

Ugly truth is I was the only one sitting in the office tweeting and bloggin about the happening, my whole office were already standing on the roads. Myself and a few others to quote “Exactly 6 members remained in the office 5 gals: 1 boy.
I was trying to wake my brother up who owns and runs this office. He has been into deep rest. Since he works around the clock 24 hours with mini breaks… he is very particular about not wanting to be awakened during his rest time. So when awakened he chastises badly so I accompanied two office boys along and went and banged the door until I explained him the quake and that the whole office is downstairs.

He said, “I thought I was dreaming of someone shaking my floor bed until now!”.

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