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IMAX Experience – Wonderful day

IMAX Experience – Wonderful day

IMAX experience - What a wonderful time
IMAX or Image Maximum is specifically designed to deliver the World’s MOST IMMERSIVE MOVIE EXPERIENCE. It’s like making the audience feel as if they are a part in the movie or they are in the movie. Star Trek generates 5.3 million in IMAX,


Configure customized movie screen
Feel the view maximized
Aura revolutionary projection system
Crystal clear images enhanced
Calibrate powerful digital speakers
Laser aligned sounds perfected
Prepare audience for maximum impact
IMAX 3D delivers the most immersive 3D movie experience ever created, enabling images to leap off screen and into the laps of the audience, further enhancing the feeling of being IN the movie.


We have just 2 theatres currently in India, with the largest IMAX Dome screen in the world in Big Cinemas IMAX Mumbai, with a screen area of 1,180 m2 (12,700 sq ft). The screen size varies, sometimes it may be in the size of a football stadium.
The other IMAX theatre is at Prasad IMAX multiplex theatres, Hyderabad, India. There are nearly 320 theatres worldwide. In the next five years IMAX corporations have plans to open IMAX all over India in 10 destinations.
Forget these details let’s move on to my experience. We went to Hyderabad on a hot summer day for our colleague’s marriage. The marriage got over in the morning and we had to chill out in the afternoon and spend time away from sun and entertaining too… One of our friend, Satya suggested us for the IMAX theatres at Prasads. We were (or at least I was a) complete amateurs in hearing the word IMAX. Rather it’s the first time for me. Never even knew that such kind of theatre experience existed. We booked through our friend’s brother (we were 12 members) very kind enough to show us around the city. We went an hour ahead before the movie could start, because the Prasads is not only a multiplex theatre but also a shopping complex / fun place to hang out.
Before the movie we visited the DARK HOUSE, typical Halloween type with complete darkness and zombies and ghost models suddenly popping out in darkness. It was great fun, though the models didn’t scare me much, my colleagues did that job. We were the loudest team of the day I should tell.
Then the most awaited moment came, the actual movie experience.


I was spellbound the moment I stepped in to the theatre, the first surprise was the hugeness of the screen. My goodness it was like an auditorium in an enlarged manner. We got to sit in the 10th row I believe. Initially we were explained about the IMAX theatres, some technical details, we were given a 3D glass, and played a preview of how a IMAX 3D experience would be. Scenes from the movie, Finding Nemo ( I don’t remember much the other movies), but I remember each time the shark came out of the sea weeds and popped right into my nose, I was yelling at the top of my voice.
It took me some time, to get used with the experience before I could stop my hysteric shouting’s. My Colleagues were trying to calm me down, saying that I am over reacting.
Then the actual movie started. It was “THE POLAR EXPRESS 3D”. Watching a movie in IMAX for the first time itself is too much to take over an afternoon. To top it watching a 3D movie was a life time experience. Just relished nourished and cherished the evening with the IMAX experience.

That day always tops one of my most unforgettable days.


imax prasads Hyderabad
imax prasads Hyderabad

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    its good that you din miss that coz its one of the best place you can visit in my mother land…its also one of the amazing spot in hyd…n any person will for sure have great fun there!

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