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What a blockbuster Sunday Night

What a blockbuster Sunday Night

It was a really dull day when it started. Parents were out of station. I had to stay back at my Mom’s place to take care of our three sweet pie pets lara, Sona and Dan. Felt a little lonely. Nothing good was happening in the idiot box.
No one called; my hubby called once and said that he will call back only late evening.

Spent some time taking small naps at regular intervals unnecessarily.

Watched some crapped Tamil movies.

Block buster sunday night

But the evening turned out to be a great time. Nothing much, the idiot box suddenly started casting some good stuff that I like.
I usually browse through the English movie channels as the movies are much shorter time span than the Tamil movies, and you also don’t have to put up with too much crap at the same time. It’s all simple concepts directed beautifully.
The first movie that caught my eye as I browsed through was “The Messengers”, any movie gets only 2-3 minutes maximum to impress me while browsing the channels. But once impressed I stay glued. The first time when I browsed it did not interest me much, but when I was cruising again, the movie has reached the almost climax, and immediately got me glued. I started watching from where the main character Jess finds about the family that disappeared, was not a co incidence but something terrible has happened to them. With the help of her boy friend they get to the nearest store, and find out that the family has been missing for 5 years where the mother and the two children get killed. The killer still survives and he is none other than the chief farmer whom his father has appointed to look after their sun flower farms.

The unusual circumstances that happen around the house are crows keep flying around. Blood stain on walls. The small boy Ben (who is mute caused by an accident) and his sister Jess sees spirits of the missing family.

At the end the killer claims that the newly moved in family is his family and they will never leave him. And to be with them he hunts them down. But at the end, he is pulled in to a sand pit by the dead family. Everything turns normal as the killer dies denoting that now the spirits are free.

The next movie that came up was “The Illusionist”, I wanted to watch this movie for a long time, because they have been telecasting the trailer over and over again, which impressed me a lot. “Forbidden Love”, “Illusionist”, so it falls in my genre of movies “Love”, “Horror”. I missed the first 20 minutes of the movie, but later got glued to the movie. I was really taken aback by the twist in the ending. Such an unexpected climax and I cherished it.

Following that was the movie “1408”, I was not at all impressed by the Title, because it did not suggest anything. Later when I saw the trailer it fell into one of my genre.

Now days I am really getting bored of this genre, because it is either a Psycho thriller claiming that it is based on a true story or everyone turning out to be zombies. But I intended to see the movie because I didn’t see any one killing others or zombie faces.

Finally it turned out to be the best movie of the day and a great horror movie that I hadn’t watched in recent times. Though there were little loose ends, it still made me stay glued to the movie.

It definitely turned out to be a blockbuster Sunday Night. But as I am now in my 7th month of pregnancy, I am on and off warned by my hubby not to watch horror movies at these times. He was very worried when I told him that I watched three horror movies at a stretch. But I really found it thrilling 🙂 Come on my baby is going to be a brave person, maybe he now gets used to the genre of movies already what his mother watches. 🙂 We both enjoyed the evening.

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