P. S. I Love YOU
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P.S. I love you

P.S. I love you

A deeply moving movie, I have watched after a long long time. I don’t know to sit at 2:00 AM in the morning and to watch a melodramatic romantic movie is insane was what I thought. But that is the only personal time I have my self right now apart from my career and baby care and family.
Hey remember that it’s not healthy to be sad all the time. Life holds more than to be melancholic. But this movie is an inspiration to write my secret blog after a very long time indeed.
🙂 I still couldn’t forget how heart crushed and down I felt after watching “P.S. I love you”, or reading “Gone with the wind”. I take things too personal I believe. I totally understand why I should go through all this. I am so in love with him, the only man I love so much and never had the courage to tell him I love him so much. Sometimes I feel really shy and message him my feelings. He is not an expressive person… but you know what a girl expect! Well I am never reciprocated. He is not a netizan so I will be quite surprised, if he ever gets to read it.
Faced a lot of losses in life which makes me really unsecure when it comes to express love relationships, so I guess I fulfill my exaggerated emotions by watching a lot of romantic movies. It all started when I was very young, when I thought love is too tough to be found in real life, i.e. the fairy tale love that is shown in movies. I know why I am obsessive over fairy tale endings, because I have never seen it happen in real life.
Men, boy , guy , grumpy old men, middle-aged dogs all think the same way, as Gerald says in “The Ugly Truth”, men are only behind lust. What else could you expect from a living organism who has a million year of heritage in hunting and baby making? So I don’t blame them. It should be understood. There are two types of women, one who understands that M cannot be expressive and the other type who wait a lifetime hoping that some day they will be expressive.
Why I like these romantic heroes in particular “Gerald Butler”, “Jeffrey Dean Morgan”, “Prabhas” – in varsham and Surya – in nenje nenje song. Why especially these celebrities, well with all the tall and hunky look they all remind me of my special person. All the time listening to songs with beautiful lyrics of love, be it any language I still brood over it. Until I get tired and move on to the next new one. If there was a song to ask him what I want it would be
“Baby can you help me? I think I’ve lost my way. I’m in need of shelter, far above this place.
I can see a castle, High up on this hill. Could it be my freedom, Left to my own will?

I thought I, was holding on, but my heart slipped away. There’s nothing wrong, That’s my song,
I wanna let it play.
I wanna let it play.
This love needs a home. Strong, storm by storm. We’ll build a fortress, around us, Keep us safe from harm.
(Mmm mmm, Mmm mmm)

I woke up this morning, to a battle in the sky. The only light before me, Is coming from your eyes.
I feel a little insecure, ‘Cause I’ve been wrong before. If only we can hide away, I wouldn’t have to worry anymore.

Baby we’re onto something (What I’ve been looking for) I’ve found a refuge (you’ll protect me from the storm) Go ahead, show me, That love can change the weather, for the better. “

Ours was a love marriage. I fell crazily in love with him… Wanted to show off… impressed him, fought badly with my parents, and still fighting… But my hope keeps me going. My love for him will keep me going. Yes we fight whenever we meet as in “P.S I love you” but when I am away from him I just feel how she feels for her lost Gerry.
“Sometimes words are hard to find, I am looking for that line – to let you know you’re always on my mind. Yeah this is love and I have learned enough to know, I’ll never let you go, won’t let go. When you want it, when you need it you’ll always have the Best of Me”. – Bryan Adams.

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