Top 10 Romantic Comedies I love
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Top 10 Romantic comedies

Top 10 Romantic comedies

🙂 I am glad I am writing this post. Finally to settle down on a favorite genre of movie of mine. Romantic comedies. I have not watched all of them, but from a few of the movies I have watched, I am able to pick my top 10 list

The Ugly Truth

the-ugly-truthTopping my list of favorite romantic comedies is “The Ugly Truth”. A lovely movie I enjoyed watching, a must watch for 18+ please, yeah well the truth is ugly. Read my review about the movie here The Ugly Truth.

An under played love story with an fairy tale ending. 🙂

America’s Sweethearts
Gwen Harrison (Zeta-Jones) and Eddie Thomas (Cusack) are once golden Hollywood duo formerly known as “America’s Sweethearts” is now split, due to Gwen’s affair with a co-actor Hector which has caused Eddie to have a nervous breakdown. Both Gwen and Eddie are manipulated by Lee into attending the junket for their last movie.
Gwen immediately plays the martyr and Eddie’s delicate psyche is put to the test in the outside world. Though Kiki is Gwen’s sister she treats her as a maid to do all her dirty work… and always expects her to give up anything she likes. Eddie finds himself drawn to Kiki; he never expressed his feelings because Kiki was overweight then, but now she is a beauty at the junket. But in compromising and in making up Gwen’s mistakes, Kiki spends more time with Eddie and the sparks light up.
A few lighter moments, when Eddie sees Gwen
Eddie: Kiki! Kiki! Hold on, hold on. I want to talk. Look…
Kiki: Let go of me!
Eddie: Just… I want to talk!
Kiki: I don’t want to talk to you!
Eddie: Why not?
Kiki: Because you’re an idiot!
Eddie: Well?
Kiki: You know what? For that matter, I’m an idiot, too! In that respect, we’re actually quite perfect for each other.
Eddie: This is a very complicated situation…
Kiki: Well, let me uncomplicate it for you, huh? Forget about what happened between us, Eddie. It’s not going to work, all right? I mean, last night… last night was great. But then she calls you this morning and you just cannot wait to get out the door to get to her! What is that? It’s just not going to work, ’cause you will probably always be thinking about her, and I will probably always be wondering if you were thinking about her. I just… I just need you to know one thing.
Eddie: What?
Kiki: That woman that you saw by the pool the other night…
Eddie: Yeah…
Kiki: No, that woman that you just have to spend the rest of your life with…
Kiki: That was me.

Notting Hill
Pretty Woman
While You Were Sleeping
Made of Honor
One Fine Day
My Best Friend’s Wedding

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