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Star movies did give a good hype in broadcasting this movie. Pandorum.

I did want to see this movie because it did seem like a few of my favorites, like Event Horizon, Triangle and few other outer space zombie movies. But after watching it, I did feel it was more like Decent, Avatar… and after reading a few reviews it was also like Eden Log.

In the end eventual ly I liked the movie, because it had a sci-fi horrific reason for people mutating into self hunting zombies. A different location, a different reason to kill and a different motive of the movie made me wanting to watch it.
I did miss the first few scenes. It was supposed to be the time that was meant to be spent with my daughter, but I bunked a few hours of office, cheated her with some toys and was watching the movie. Ben Foster and Jon Foster have a memory loss and are not sure what happened to the entire crew or the ship. But Corporal Bower( Ben) assumes that he is awakened automatically by the on board computer to fix the dying central reactor. Without which the ship is lost.

With Payton (Jon) guiding him via radio he explores the space craft. He hears strange sounds and encounters savage humanoid fast moving creatures. After escaping from one such creature he meets other survivors Nadia and Manh who aids to the location of the reactor.
But at first Nadia is very reluctant about it and quotes “No one has ever returned from that place, because the creature’s main dwelling place is underneath the reactor”. But Bower insists on continuing his mission from saving the ship to lose all its energy.
They confront a creature and huge gruesome fighting sequence launches between the three and the strong creature that is killed at the end of the fight. Eventually they escape and reach a chamber where they meet another survivor who is keen on not having direct contact to the other three survivors suspecting them as mutating creatures. He explains everything about what happened, from whatever he saw and how the residents of the ship Elysium have now turned deadly and hunt their own kind.
He briefs the story has “one of the three bridge crew members went berserk. Killing his crewmates, he awakened most of the remaining crew to torture and manipulates them. Those who did not participate with the flight member’s orders were banished to the hold of the ship, forced to scavenge for survival.”

At the end of the story as animatedly narrated by Leland, the three survivors find themselves tied up side down. After regaining consciousness they realize that they were tricked and gassed by Leland to become his meal. But Bower persuades Leland that all of us could only survive if he can fix the central reactor, or there is no point in Leland killing the only man who could possibly save the ship. Leland is convinced and the four proceed to the reactor.
They do encounter several creatures en route but escape each time and reach the central reactor. The following scenes are very dramatic as Bower tries to reach the reactor he falls amidst the dwelling place of mutants. He disguises himself and crawl among the half sleeping mutants to climb the reactor.
On the other end, Payton finds out that the surviving crewmate is Corporal Gallo. He meets Payton as a mutant victim at the radio transmission room and torments him psychologically in making him believe the pandorum and it is important for survival to scavenge other surviving people onboard. Payton manages most of the time by keeping him conscious and not to be taken over by the mind of Corporal Gallo, but at the end eventually loses himself to Gallo by injecting himself with a powerful shot that seems to be like a fight between corporal Gallo and Payton. But in truth Payton is corporal Gallo who has lost all his memory about his crimes during the hyper sleep.
Leland first reaches the radio transmission room only to be killed by Payton. Bower and Nadia confront Payton, where Payton concedes his true identity. Payton then retracts an inner Bunker to reveal a deep sea environment. Bower and Nadia realize that they have already crash landed in Tanis and is now at the bottom of the ocean.
Bower attacks Payton and breaks a window which cause
s a hull breach that floods the ship. Bower and Nadia escape to the ocean’s surface in a hypersleep pod. The damage to the ship triggers an emergency evacuation, ejecting 1211 other hibernating, healthy colonists onto the surface of a beautiful, sunlit alien world. And we can presume the other surviving mutants and Payton are killed along with the ship.

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