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Why I like dasavatharam?

Why I like dasavatharam?

It is always his attitude towards life that keeps me in immense astonishment. Recently I watched one of his interviews and was so impressed with a few words of what he said. He achieved that attitude from some great director I believe. I don’t remember his name.
The question was “How is he able to deliver some extraordinary movies like dasavatharam”. He simply replied with a smile, “You have to think that the movie that we are currently working on is the last chance we have got to perform as death may come right after this movie”. For a second I felt goose bumps.

I liked dasavatharam his latest movie for so many reasons. I could also exactly predict why they did not like it or most of the people start criticizing it. The reason could only be one. Most of the people didn’t understand the concept behind it. Most of us would not have come across Chaos theory or Butterfly Effect. We would have never read about our history which had happened somewhere in 6th or 8th century BC. But I got impressed from the initial 15 minutes where we see a huge set of 8th century and a possible happened incident that had happened during that time. There is so much said in that few hours you could not easily understand the whole.
I was so excited when Mr. Kamal said that they are planning to release a book on Dasavatharam (explaining the loose ends), or what people say that they did not understand. I am not trying to say that I understood the movie completely. But I was astonished to see so much shown in a tamil movie. It is definitely a new venture for Kollywood.
Every single detail had been taken care of. I was even more excited that his next venture would be a complete movie which is based on the first 15 minutes of Dasavatharam, for a history loving person like me. It is definitely a huge treat. I believe it will be called “Marma Yogi”. I am not sure about the name but.

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  1. Nikita Porwal Avatar

    Woo!! i had always wondered why you actually liked it and here i got the answer 😉

  2. Jinu Sunil Avatar

    Hiiiiii lara, Me too liked it very much. I was thinking to write a review also. In India, no other hero can beat Kamal. He is talented and perfectionalist. Other than the graphic effect during Tsunami, the whole movie was super and I know we can’t expect visual and grahical effects more than this in an Indian movie.

  3. lara Avatar

    Thanks guys. Niki may be you should try watching the movie again

  4. rids Avatar

    Some of my friends were telling movie is v.nice n all but i didnt like it at all yar!! but theres one thing were i can appreciate is his N number of charcters were no one can identify who is kamal!! Thats great but rest dont know y i didnt like it.

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