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Our most esteemed event conducted as a part of our annual office day celebrations includes QUIZ competion. Already we are feeling the fun starting to fume around us.

We started with four rounds…
1. Memory round- With a difference,
We were shown up to 12 slides of various attributes like house hold items, computer peripherals, celebrities, anaimals, colors, cartoon characters, car company logos, famous places, food items and 3 more.
We were given 3- 5 seconds to view each slide, and we couldn’t  write down all the slides, but we raced through most of it. Finally like in an examination hall our papers were plucked out of our hands before we could write the rest that we knew for sure.

2. II nd Round, was observing a painting and trying to answer the questions from the painting. we were okay in this round, the paintings were pretty complicated, or there was too much to remember in a short given period. We said half right, and missed the half due to doubt and lack of observation skills.

3. The next round was about the hollywood movies poster quiz, there were two movies morphed in one photo, We got the movies (Crouching tiger and hidden dragon) we failed to identify the other movie with showed a Hobbes kind of Tiger. THe movie name was “Tiger” yeah literally… if our thoughts would have thought out of box,

4. Round 4: It was the most interesting and the new round that was introduced this year. Its called the “spider web”, it was suppose to be a round from an game show where two people play the game, we played an extended part of it with web that could allow5 teams to participate in the competition, We answered quite a few questions and finished teh worm in the web first.

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