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This is our 20th year since we have started keeping Golu. Its a huge golu we keep. Since we have collected this collection from the day we started. Usually some people prefer to keep only the dolls required for the theme and the rest untouched. But my mom prefers it the other way. She doesn’t want to have even a single doll untouched. Here is a little treat for your eyes.

This year our theme for Golu was the life history of the nayanmar “Thiru gnana sambandar”. We decided to repeat his history for thanking God for the birth of my daughter M, she is one year old. Thus to honor the youngest of Nayanmars we decided on this theme. We had kept several important scenes from his life history. We participated in one contest Golu Kondattam 2010 organized by The Hindu news papers.

My mom won the second place in the Anna Nagar zone and she won gift coupons.

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