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Why I liked twilight saga: twilight

Why I liked twilight saga: twilight

Simple, walking into someone’s thoughts. The irony here is no one could hear Bella’s head, but only the readers know too much of her. I liked her thoughts in places where she first meets Edward, and in the last episode where she behaves like a shield to protect everyone around her.

There was no sex or violence in the book, all the scenes appeared as if they were censored. It was nice, some times the author raises the tension in pages and lets them fade away coolly. The triangular love around Bella, Edward and Jacob was infectious. Its like going through a same emotion some times.

First time I have read that vampires are good and like some sort of super heroes 🙂 though too fictions, I liked the different perspective.

Werewolves were not werewolves with ugly fur and teeth but simply shape shifters with lovable pet dog types.

Carlisle Cullen was the most handsome vampire in the series. He remains cool at all situation with he has gained through centuries and centuries of practice.

“So the lamb fell in love with the Lion”, some scripts stayed in heart.

Its good read it once. The problem with my reading pattern was I came to know about the goodness of this series only after August 2010, so I got so crazy and read all the books together… It was like a over doze. Felt a little drugged with the love of Bella, Edward and Jacob.

Its a nice read, give it a try once. Some may not like it because of the standard of writing and at times it becomes too draggy. Underneath there lies a soft, subtle protective love story.

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