Passed all obsession and its now only an experience

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Books are my obsession, or that is what my MOM call is, when I give up sleep and food for the sake of it. Since I started the twilight series and so sucked in to the books… now I am in the last book… Breaking Dawn Chapter 4. From soft and smooth… it is getting intriguing more and more. Now I am no more obsessed… I want to get over this experience… Yeah too much of Edward, Jacob and Bella on my mind… and now it has reached a point where all are going insane to prove their love… well at least literally.

  1. Edward says if Bella wants a baby jacob can give it! Yuuucccck
  2. Bella’s bones start breaking as her baby inside gets bigger and sickening part is she takes gallons and gallons of blood as an diet for her child
  3. Jacob goes out to a park to find an Imprint to get over his obsession with Bella…
  4. The whole pack wants to kill the Cullens Coven and Bella for being pregnant except Jacob
  5. Leah suggests company to jacob

Eerie… from beautiful love and fight for love… its now gross. I am not a hater but just could not take any more of this craziness
Crazy crazy crazy… Now I am obsessed to finish the book and end this craziness.

What a romantic love it had been at the beginning, and then it was about Friendship a little screwed up though and then jealousy… But now there are no more emotions in the characters its more of mythical non sense going on… horrifically fictional.

So now I know Reading these books will become a experience but no more a memory to carry over like

Mitchel Margaret’s “Gone with the Wind”

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