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Perfect – by Judith McNaught

Perfect – by Judith McNaught

Judith McNaught

Judith McNaught lives in Houston and is New York Times best selling author. I got to read her book Perfect recently when my friend offered me.

I am an ardent fan of Sydney Sheldon, Robin Cook and a few others. So if it’s other than these authors I need a really push to get convinced to read the book. But I also get easily convinced as reading is my passion.

When I started reading perfect, the first 100 pages literally put me to sleep. The story starts with an introduction of our Hero Zachary Benedict and our humble female lead Julie Mathison. I was using it as my sleeping pill and a pillow until I reached the 126th. Then it was a massive twist, I started loving it… It became really very well… It was all about two grown people sharing love in the most unexpected situation.

Zachary Benedict is a famous director, and is presently convicted for murder of his wife and is in Jail. Julie Mathison is a near to perfect school teacher with a normal calm life. Zachary plans to escape the Jail when pushed to heights from 5 years jail life to a rich and luxurious director. Julie Mathison grows up in streets and later gets adopted by a good family, who give her all the love she ever needed to make her life perfect. Zachary escape plans are ruined by a few unplanned twists and he is forced to take Julie Mathison as his host. At first she plans a lot of escapes from Zachary Benedict and sees him as an evil man. As they stay together and get to spend more time, they start falling in love with each other without their knowledge. When time arrives where Julie had to leave Zack for both of their good, they couldn’t hold on to the greif that was caused by their separation. Julie returns home and is swarmed by Police and Zack still in his hide out. When they miss each other so much they finally decide to get married. Unfotunate events take place and Julie is portrayed against Zack by a few events. They seemed to have been separated for ever. In the mean time the true killer of Zack’s wife is found out and he is free.

What finally makes them come together is really wonderful. Though it’s a little too fantastical, I am ok with it.

Reading and enjoying these two opposite poles fall in love in the most unpleasant and unexpected events it just adds too much pep to the story. After a reaching more than 200 pages, it kept me awake nights together, I just Couldn’t keep the book down. Started crying, loving and laughing with the story.

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  1. Jinu Sunil Avatar

    I am very lazy to read novels. Short stories are ok for me. If somebody can tell the story in brief, I am happy. U did it. Thanks

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