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Pranks my friend has done to me.

Pranks my friend has done to me.

As I said in my previous post, when I like someone in life so much I simply trust them with blind trust. This guy really used it.

The first prank was when parthi, I and his friends were going on a ride in his car, he suddenly pointed the sky and said “Hay look there! There is a white crow.” You won’t believe I never realized this was a prank, when I was fishing for the crow, they were silently laughing behind. It’s not that I am so innocent; it’s just that when the words came from him my brain immediately didn’t think but simply trust. J

His first career was with Cadbury. He was asked to leave to Coimbatore for nearly 20 days. We didn’t have contact at that time. Mobile and internet were budding technologies at that time. One fine day he appeared o n the chat and said that he was deported to Texas, US on some urgent assignment. I never trusted at first, because he doesn’t even have a passport. Then my mind gave him the answers. I asked “whether he got his passport in Thakkal which can be got in 5-7 days). He said “Yes”. Then he started building up stories once realizing that I have started to believe that he is in Texas now.

                He said “Here I am working closely with a farm owner who owns a huge dairy farm with over 100 cows”

                “He has three daughters and one of the daughters is already mad about him”

                “He promised to get me a cowboy hat without fail”

                “He said it’s his first big assignment and he has impressed the diary owner to send products to Cadbury already, and the assignment is almost a success”

I didn’t know all of this was a prank until he came back from “Texas” Coimbatore, with my forgotten gift (cowboy hat)

This was the greatest prank. One fine day he called up and said that he got engaged suddenly. She was working in some software company. It’s an arranged marriage. The girl is gorgeous. They have started liking each other. To make me believe he made me talk to that girl (supposed to be his friend Veena assisting him in the prank). Of course I believed it after actually speaking with his fiancé. This went on for weeks. I use to ask him all the time how is his fiancée. Until one day the veena got irritated and wanted to stop this hoaxing over an innocent girl, yeah that’s me. This time I got angry and I fought saying that he over used my trust, which lasted a few seconds. Then parthi himself realized that I am too innocent to keep on playing pranks all the time and promised that he won’t do this again.

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