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My best friend in this whole world

My best friend in this whole world

My best friend in this whole world
My best friend in this whole world


Why, How and when he became my best friend.

It was a shady time of my life. Facing a lot of dark sides at the same time in my life which has shaped me out as what I am today. The only reason that I kept going with my life was simply the belief in change that may come some day and trust in myself that I could do anything I want even when the whole world is against it. It was also a particular time of my life when I trusted no one as friends. Never took anyone in my circle. Two reasons a) Low in self-esteem b) Never saw true care till then. I was in my 2nd year college. I lost my best friend. It came as a shock because everything happened over night. I heard that he committed suicide 3 days ago and I was not revealed about it. He said so much to our friendship, how great, how true everything was. And one fine day everything was gone. A sudden loss was too much to take.  I started getting away from the rest of the world. Everyone seemed to be so strange.

One day my friend Ramyaasked me that one of her friend Parthiban, was so inspired by my, self motivation and wanted to be my friend. This was really surprising for me. No one has ever offered me to be their friend. I was a lonely soul. I was very hesitant at first, thinking that he will just be like another guy who will end up in talking about sex after a certain topics are always over with a girl.

He was a real surprise package. We talked more about science fiction, life, mythology, politics and I was absolutely comfortable with it. Then slowly I started accepting him in my life. It took almost a year to build the trust between our friendship. May be that’s why it still stands so strong. He means a lot to me, an inspiration and aspiration. No one ever offered a leaning shoulder to cry on without gains or commitments. He was the only one then. The first time in my life ever realized what a friend could do to your life. There are so many things that can be shared only with a friend.

When I start trusting someone so much, I start trusting every word they say. It becomes my taraga mantra. It’s like a blind trust you have towards GOD. Whether he gives you happy times or sad times we still trust him and worship him with complete love and surrender.

Living in India and coming from an orthodox background did give our friendship a lot of tests. Many people did rumor about us. But to share true friend ship with someone in life is like a meditation. When you have learned it perfectly, no one can disturb or take it away from us. Our friendship was a meditation in my life that I have completely attained. Initially I had been keeping people out of my life for the fear of losing them. But when it comes to parthiban, it’s completely different. Even if there has to be a situation in our lives that we had to part, it could only be our minds. We will always cherish, nourish the sweet moments spent together. The world’s secrets shared. The mythological stories argued over. The fantasies in the world still fantasized over. Discussion over politics which I never tried to understood. Some of the great books he introduced me to. Sharing the deepest sadness and greatest happiness’s of our lives.  

I have so much to keep talking about these pages of my life. It is simply never ending.

I like his quality of respect he has for women. Recently he got engaged and is getting married this May with the love of his life. I wish them thorough happiness throughout their life.

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5 responses to “My best friend in this whole world”

  1. rids Avatar

    very amazing post i liked it so much than all…and true f’ship never ever goes down…I have many best buddies like this n i know importance true sweet friend in ones life…!! so nice post…damn sure this guy will feel so happy and proud seeing this appreciation of words…!!

  2. Varadhan Avatar

    I’m really thankful to you to share such a gal and boy true friendship,
    people always believe tht it is not possible to have such a friendship, but wht i have learned from your friendship is really impressive…

    And good explation tht real friendship is like a mediation and abt the trust.
    really u r so lucky to have such a friend.

    My heartily wishes to Mr.Parthiban.

  3. lara Avatar

    Thank you Varadhan, This is one precious gift that I could never complain about in my life.

  4. John Avatar

    Really interesting article. I feel very happy to see the friendship and its precious one also.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Nishant Avatar

    True Friends are rare , and really true friendship is rarer , u are fortunate that you have found this treasure ,
    But since this friend is so close to you I like to add a word of caution
    “People who are close can hurt you the most” ,
    So don’t let trivial things spoil your friendship , often these trivial things or arguments blown out of propotion can destroy a friendship ,
    Just take care ………….. I wish both of you my heartiest wishes

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