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My connections with Lord Shiva

My connections with Lord Shiva

My connections with Lord Shiva,

My belief in God is slightly different. I belive God resides in our self, every single thought and action is powered by him. I dont belive God is outside living on a idol or temple, but he is in every single self.

When I was young a ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. I was immensely impressed by his playful and loving life. It was a time when I longed for love and care and I believed I got it from Lord Krishna by simply believing he is with me. It was a close God to man relationship. When he was able to share his love equally with everyone around him, why not me? I loved hearing stories about him.

As I grew up, learning more about hindu mythology Lord Shiva started facinating me, by his powerful mythological stories and temples as proof of it. He had a few ardent devotees who were blindly crazy about him. Did anything for him. Lord Shiva never gave his diciples anything so easily, they were pushed to the extreme before attaining their wishes.

we will talk more about his diciples in future.

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4 responses to “My connections with Lord Shiva”

  1. manoj kumar Avatar
    manoj kumar

    oh my god

    u almost wrote what i think,to be frank

    continue your good works on god

    i believe all happenings in our world get powered
    by god , so dont search god any where else

    with good wishes,

    1. lara Avatar

      I have taken the image from Narayan Hari but I have not asked the owner for his permission, which I should soon do.

  2. Vandita Avatar

    I can say the same about myself.! 🙂

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