What it takes to be a new born

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Now I know the meaning of being a new born and what sleep matters to them and the person taking care of them. They are new to this world, and so are we in taking care of them for the first time.

They get to sleep only for 2 hours continuously for the first 30 days. Every 2 hours they have to be waked up and fed. It really stress ful for the baby as well as the mother… both are deprived of sleep. As they grow up and until they become aware of the world around them sleep is very less for both the child and the parents. For the baby they are getting to know the world just now… they have too much to take into their mind… so they try to be awake most of the time… and as for the parents they are expected by the baby to guide them about this new found mystery world… so do parents are deprived of the same sleep. I dont blame the father and the child to take a nap where ever and when ever time takes a break.

I love this pic as myself and my child work the same way, since she was born.

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