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Jupiter – The Bid Daddy

Jupiter – The Bid Daddy

Why do we call Jupiter the big guy, Our protector. Well for so many reasons, he is 11 times bigger than earth. If you want to imagine the mass of Jupitor you would have to take a 1000 earths and stuff it into Jupitor. The only planet that’s visible to the naked eye. To complete a day it takes 9.9 earth days. And 11.86 years to make one orbit around the sun. Its mostly composed of Ammonia and Hydrogen, so you cant expect anyone to have landed on this planet.
That’s a lot of tech terms available in wikipedia.

What facinates me personally about Jupitor is a differnt story. Every time I watch this in the Universe Serires of “Discover Channel” or read about it, the facination just stumps me.

Giant Red Eye

Giant Red Eye
Giant Red Eye

This great storm other named as the Giant Red Eye is a unique feature of Jupitor. Would you believe it was formed in 1655 and still not out. I like him.
The color red is due to the sulphur particles.
The Giant Eye has a Junior Oval BA also known as the Red Spot Jr.

Since the guy is big, he has 12 natural satellites going around him.
One of the main moon that impressed me a lot is Europa (because of his Europe like climatic conditions. 
It has frozen-ice upper crust and is estimated to have liquid ocean beneath the solid crust. And oohhh that’s right where there is water there will be life.

So scientists are planning a lot of expeditions to land on the moon and research it for any form of extra-territrial being existence. We got company. We could also say “If this guy cools down”, it could be our next home to earth, where you can go for ice fishing.
So when you are facing a Doomsday you may want to move here. 🙂

Death X is the brain child of a scientist in Stone Aerospace. He is currently experimenting Death X a highly sophisticated swimming whose real name is ENDURANCE. Will land on the ice and will travel in search of life.
A highly suitable ROBOT to survey Europa.
More observations to be conducted are here:

On July 16-22 1944 the Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 collided with Jupiter. This first observed solar objects collision in space. This one incident provided a lot of insight as how Jupiter acts as a space debris collector, just reducing space Debris in the solar system.

Collision of Comet Shoemaker - levy 9 with Jupiter
Collision of Comet Shoemaker – levy 9 with Jupiter

This Giant of the Solar system has something to say us. He roars like a LION, whispers and whistles. One of the Astronaut / Scientist put it very beautifully.
“Planets or the universe don’t give up their secrets easily and that is what keeps us going back to them.”Jupiter is the king of many questions that holds our scientist to them. ”

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