Crazy in love with – Aavaram poovukkum with english translation

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Crazy in love with – Aavaram poovukkum with english translation

Crazy in love with – Aavaram poovukkum with english translation

You wont believe, I have been listening to this song on and off again and again for the past three weeks.

Yep! It’s a song in the movie “Arai 305’il Kadavul” – Aavaram Poovukkum sung by the beautiful Shreya Goshal.
Its a melodious folk love song. A catchy tune with a bad start ( a heavy folkore beats for 10 seconds). But dwindles down in to a great sweet melody. If someone is interested, I have writtent the lyrics below and attached the download link.

Aavaram poovukkum ayyanar tholzhukkum kadhal irukkudhaiya kadhal irukkudhaiya
Andha saamiyin kannathil sandhanam poosida kaigal thudikkudhaiya ayya kaigal thudikkudhaiya

Patta pagalula paadam nadakkuthu, aasai mazhaiyila aada ninaiyuthu ayya re ayya re manam thaiyya re thaiyya re.

Chorus: For the marigold flower and the Ayyanar statue, there is love, oh there is love In the eyes of that deity, there’s a fragrance lingering, hands are interlocked, oh hands are interlocked

In the midday heat, footsteps are dancing, in the longing rain, thoughts are swaying, oh dear, oh dear, the heart is restless, oh restless heart


Aaachu vellatha pola thithhikkum aala kandathunala aasaiyil ullam unnal uucchi kottudhaiya
vatti kadhalin vatti kangala katti poduthu kutti nee vandhu enna meetu povaya
Maavattum kalla pola mavarasi kannu rendum maachana vattam podudhaiya ayya ayya
Seva kozhi konda pola seemati kannam rendum sekka chevappagi pochudhaiya
kadankari ponnukku kaimaru senjaven kayya pudikkanum yaaaa
ayyare ayyare manam thaiyyare (2)

Like the flame that burns the cloth, because of a spark, in desire, my heart, because of you, is burning fiercely

Like a net of love, tying my eyes, will you come and break it, my dear?

Like the thief who steals mangoes, both eyes are cunningly stealing glances, oh dear, oh dear

Like a rooster dancing, both eyes are swiftly moving, scratching the ground, ohhh Oh dear, oh dear, the heart is restless

thatthi thavuthu thitthi pombala bhuthi paithiyam muthi ponathu kanna enna maayam seidhayo
thaana vandhaven thaana thihthikkum ennam thandhaven thaana senjiduvano illa thavikka vaippana
kamatchi koil munna karagata sami pola kai veesi manasu suthudhaiya ayya ayya
mundhana kadhavukkulla munnooru kanavirukku mothama allikkollaiya
sithira maasathu kathiri veyilla kanna uruthiriye yeeeee

With a clap of hands, with a snap of fingers, madness is acquired, enchantment is done, oh what magic you’ve done

You came alone, you made me tremble alone, will you capture me alone or will you leave me trembling?

Like the god in front of the Kamakshi temple, spreading his hands, my mind is captivated,

oh dear, oh dear In the story ahead, there are a hundred dreams, will you completely immerse me?

In this steadfast month, there’s no cooling, oh my heart is melting, yeaaa

ayyare ayyare manam thaiyare thaiyare(2)


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    I have less clue about this song, but Shreya Goshal is certainly a good singer 😉

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