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Celebrities Whom I had crush on

Celebrities Whom I had crush on

If I am not writing this post now, I wont be able to write it any more. I am getting old to write such topics. 🙂 I have a lil princess now and I dont want her to question me, so its time to look at life with more responsibility rather than having a crush on a movie or a pop star.

Who was my first crush?

Would you believe it. Even if the world forgets Peter Andre – no one could ever forget his Mysterious Girl, the famous pop songs of 1990’s. I was in my ninth standard at that time, getting introduced to the world slowly, new friends bigger exposure. Pop songs. The most famous songs of 1990, every Indian girl of my age that time would have owned that playlist.

Mysterious Girl – Peter Andre
Careless Whispers – George Micheal
If you wanna be my lover – Spice Girls
Quit Playing Games – BSB
Words – Boyzone and a few other famous hits.

These are the only songs I knew, and knowing a english song is a big deal in my school days. Everyone thinks you are a Pista ( a slang to mention that you are big shots) 🙂

Watching a guy with six pack those days was like – Ohhh la la la. Never seen such a physique among Indian celebrities those days. That was my first best impression what Petre Andre had to offer apart from his Mysterious girl song. I am proud to be his fan. Yeah the crush part, God has given me this crazy character, which I am still desperate to change. I dont get a crush on someone easily but if I get so, God that’s it end of world. I keep talking about them, relate all the events to them, keep praising them when ever I get or dont get an opportunity. People call me crazy begger for these reasons. But I dont mind. I still have a soft sweet corner of my heart for his song and six pack.

Who is my recent crush.

Being short could be one particular reason why I like tall men. That is the main reason why I have a crush on this Hero Prabhas. More than that he has a charming smile. Varsham was the first movie I watched in his castings. Its love at first sight. I never understood the language… But it turned out to be that, even if he is not acting, I still like him

And the last person to fall in that list currently… I couldnt belive I am saying this name…. Its Salman khan. I never liked him till last month when I watched Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. I always found his acting a lil exaggerating or artificial. Though he is officially the first Indian actor to get a six pack which didnt impress me much then, But now he is like a sweet heart. May be I like Salman because of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movie and the lovable songs or may be he is the most controversial actor of Indian cinema.

You may ask is it so important… that the internet should know that I had crushes on these ppl. But this is my blog and I have the right to speak my mind aloud. 🙂 Still you read it

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