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Nature’s Fury – 2008 Atlantic hurricane season

Nature’s Fury – 2008 Atlantic hurricane season

Storm Name


Damage Caused & Death Toll


Tropical Storm Arthur

May 30th – June 2nd
Belize Coast – May 30

Landfall on Belize – May 31

Traversed Yucatan Peninsula

US$78 million
9 Dead

Eye of Tropical Storm Arthur

Hurricane Bertha

-Category 2

July 3rd – July 20th

Reportedly none

 Eye of Hurricane Bertha

Tropical Storm Cristbol

July 18th – July 23rd
Traversed form Central Florida to Charleston, South Carolina to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina to Gulf Stream to Nova Scotia

Reportedly none

 Eye of Tropical Storm Cristbol

Hurricane Dolly

Category 2

July 20th to 25th July
Tracked across Carribean Sea – Cancun – Gautemala, Gulf of Mexico – South Parde Islands and finally died out in New Mexico

US$ 1.2 billion
19 Deaths

 Eye of Hurricane Dolly

Tropical Storm Edouard

Aug 3rd to Aug 7th

Reportedly None

 Eye of Tropical Storm Edouard

Tropical Storm Fay

Aug  15th – 26th

Reportedly None

 Eye of Tropical Storm Fay

Hurricane Gutsav
Category 4

Aug 25th – Sep 4th

US$ 20 billion

125 deaths

 Eye of Hurricane Gutsav

Hurrican Hanna
Category 1

Aug 28th – Sep 7th

538 Deaths

 Eye of Hurricane Hanna

Hurricane Ike
Category 4

Sep 1st – Sep 14th

US$27 billion
90 Deaths

 Eye of Hurricane Ike

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